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Hospitalization Insurance Coverage (Mediclaim):
Mediclaim is a Group Policy that the Company has obtained from the Insurance Company at Hyderabad for all eligible employees. All regular employees who are not covered under the ESIC are eligible to get coverage under Mediclaim policy for self & family. ‘Family’ includes spouse, dependent children. (up to maximum of 4 members including self).

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage:
The policy provides for the payment of certain amount on death or disablement of Insured person due to an accident. The geographical limit of the policy is round the clock and anywhere in the World.

Provident Fund:
The Company shall contribute 12% of Basic Salary to the Employees’ Contributory Provident Fund Trust.

Gratuity is payable to the employee as per Company Rules, as amended from time to time, subject to the relevant provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act and the Income Tax Act.

Leave Travel Assistance:
LTA will be paid only after confirmation. You are required to attach documentary evidence of travel along with the declaration form for this purpose.

Privilege Leave:
All regular employees are eligible for 21 days Privilege Leave (PL) per calendar year. PL will be calculated on pro-rata basis for those joining during the year.

Baggage Insurance Coverage:
If you are designated as a frequent traveller by the Company, you will be covered under a Baggage Insurance Policy.

Group Life Insurance Coverage:
At your option, the Company shall cover you under Group Life Insurance Policy. One day salary shall be recovered as your share of annual premium for the policy.

Sick Leave:
No specific rules for grades M1 and above, for others it is 10 days per annum. For grades below M1 sick leave can be accumulated up to a maximum of 60 days.

Casual Leave:
Regular employees will be eligible for 7 days Casual Leave (CL) per calendar year. CL is credited in advance at the beginning of the calendar year.

This is a scheme adopted by the Company voluntarily. At present the Company contributes 15% of annual Basic Salary to the Superannuation Fund.

Domiciliary Medical Benefit:
All reasonable domiciliary medical expenses actually incurred by you and your dependents (spouse, dependent children and dependent parents) will be reimbursed as per the Company’s Medical scheme.