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At Signode, we are committed to protecting our natural resources while helping your business grow through
• Innovative unitization techniques that maximize transportation space utilization
• Increased safety and performance with lower energy and maintenance costs
• The world’s largest strap recycling program to reduce waste and landfill usage
• Manufacturing processes designed to minimize waste, pollution and energy consumption
Helping our customers reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs
Committed to developing ideas for recycling and reusing the products we make, Signode’s innovative Closed Loop Recycling Program enables companies to recycle used polyester strapping to reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs
Developing new products that reduce waste and pollution
Signode continues to develop new products that help reduce waste and pollution. Manufactured with recyclable materials, our Tenax polyester strapping requires 20% less material in the production process and is fully recyclable.

Additionally, Tenax strapping has more strap per coil, resulting in fewer truck shipments and less packaging waste.
Leaders in innovation today for a greener tomorrow
Signode is committed to being a leader in sustainability for the packaging industry. We have implemented various innovative programs aimed at protecting our natural resources while helping your business grow.
Sustainability Video

Wagon Unitization - Plastic ROLL CRADLE

  • Usage of each Roll Cradle will save 1.5 CFT wood.
  • We are saving 4500 Trees in a year
  • Planning to increase usage of Roll cradle
  • Target to save 9000 trees in a year by 2015 end.

Signode Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Foot Print


Our ongoing development of higher strength, lower weight strapping has reduced raw material requirements. We continuously evaluate new methods to reduce all of our industrial packaging materials as well as identify opportunities to reuse and recycle these materials.


Our strap reclamation program, aimed at limiting waste, collects our customers’ used green PET strapping for use in the manufacture of new strapping. We have introduced waste management programs at all of our facilities.


The Signode Plastic Recycling Group operates a PET recycling facility providing raw materials to all of our manufacturing locations. As a result of our recycling operation, Signode Tenax® strapping contains more than 85% recycled content.

Sustainability Initiatives implemented in all manufacturing locations