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What makes us unique is our systems approach to serving our customers' needs. In addition to providing our customers with the packaging materials - strapping, seals, stretch film and tape - to secure their products, we design and build the special application equipment to apply these materials. We also support all of our product applications with our own technical and engineering resources, operator training, and maintenance and repair services.

Sl. No Location GST No
1 Silvassa 26AAHCS8120M1Z1
2 Maharashtra 27AAHCS8120M1ZZ
3 Gujarat 24AAHCS8120M1Z5
4 Uttrakhand 05AAHCS8120M1Z5
5 Jharkhand 20AAHCS8120M1ZD
6 Orissa 21AAHCS8120M1ZB
7 West Bengal 19AAHCS8120M1ZW
8 Chhattisgarh 22AAHCS8120M1Z9
9 Uttar Pradesh 09AAHCS8120M1ZX
10 Haryana 06AAHCS8120M1Z3
11 Himachal 02AAHCS8120M1ZB
12 Karnataka 29AAHCS8120M1ZV
13 Andhra Pradesh 37AAHCS8120M1ZY
14 Tamilnadu 33AAHCS8120M1Z6
15 Telangana 36AAHCS8120M1Z0
16 GOA 30AAHCS8120M2ZB
17 ISD (Corp.) 36AAHCS8120M2ZZ