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    Food and Beverage
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    Food and Beverage
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Signode India in India is dedicated to the needs of the Can Industry. For many years we have worked with our customers in this sector to provide ever more efficient packaging systems - enabling ever higher levels of productivity further reducing production costs.

Our business is structured to provide an effective response to customer's local needs with full understanding of Global responsibilities.

We are proud of our investment and commitment to the research and development of new packaging products for the Can Industry to cover virtually every packaging application within the Industry, from simple Operator controlled hand tool to the fully automatic compression unitizer.

Introducing- Total Cost of Ownership Solution for Food and Beverage Industry
Signode offers end to end solutions and services with total cost of ownership for all the packaging and warehousing operations

  • We use all Plastic material for palletisation
  • Supply of tenax polyester strap and stretch film
  • On-site supervision for managing packaging operations
  • Line efficiency improvements
  • Online print and apply labelling linked with AIDC
  • Warehouse management with WMS
  • Real-time Online visibility of finished goods
  • Single invoice for all the above mentioned services

Food and Beverage Industry Solutions

Signode plastic strapping systems for can unitizing consist of power equipment, High-Strength Tenax polyester strapping, hand tools, dispensers and accessories.
MHB-TP12 bulk pallet unitizer provides consistent retained strap tension throughout the transportation cycle, resulting in improved package performance. Built with fewer parts and a number of features that facilitate easier maintenance and operation, the MHB-TP12 provides the lowest cost of ownership available.

MHB-TP12 Key Features
Multi-level tensioning system
The MHB-TP12’s innovative tensioning system equalizes the strap tension from the top and bottom to provide more accurate strap tension that remains consistent throughout the cycling process.

Modular strapping heads
Separate, lightweight tensioning and sealing modules are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime. When switching to a spare module, the MHB-TP12 can be up and running in minutes.

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Tenax® polyester strapping
Tenax polyester strapping is ideally suited for unitizing PET bottle, glass container and bulk loads. It yields higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retained strap tension than polypropylene strapping. So straps stay tight on beverage loads that tend to shift during handling and transit.

The Octopus range of wrapping machines is the right choice high production efficiency and load containment consistency to minimize transport damage. It is high speed, gentle and efficient and suitable for delicate loads like Cans and bottles.

The Octopus is fully automatic wrapping machine incorporating the latest technology. The reel of wrapping film is suspended from a ring and revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. The pallet remains stationary, which makes the wrapping of “unstable” and “lightweight” products considerably easier.

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To provide greater impetus to ‘Green’ movement, is now introducing Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) products for Food and Beverage Industry

Signode provides asset pooling and collection management with Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP).

  • Specially designed Plastic Tier sheets
  • High Quality Plastic pallets and Top sheets
  • RIFD enabled for efficient tracking
  • Web based on line tracking and re-conciliation
  • Assets Management with track and trace software
  • Management of pallet sets form your customer
    • Dry cleaning of Tier sheets to FDA requirement
    • Daily preparation of pallet sets
    • Sustainability drive with co-branding initiatives

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