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Signode India offers protective packaging solution to a wide range of engineering industries including bearings, fly wheels and gears, castings & forgings, compressors, industrial batteries, engines, motors, alternators, transformers, control panels, insulation panels, pumps etc. .

Signode India has developed unique solutions to address the domestic and export packaging needs of engineering industry. Special application focus and test lab ensures unique solutions for heavy/ irregular shaped/long objects, corrosion control, need for reduction of wood and extends to developing packaging solutions for the industry’s vendors also so that they in turn can meet the engineering industry’s requirement of self certified quantity and quality and just- in time supply needs.

Signode India’s range of consumables, tools to semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines ensures that the right solution is integrated with the manufacturing process to achieve in lined, simplified processes to reduce total costs and boost productivity. A highly focused parts and service group provides a customized service offer helping to ensure uptime and efficiency.

Our sales and service teams provide you with a wide competence of your industry demands and help you to design the total system for your application.

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