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Overhead Tool Suspension Systems
Overhead Tool Suspension Systems are the easiest and most efficient way to suspend strapping tools from a fixed ceiling bracket, monorail, jib or bridge crane.
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Item Load carrying (Kg)
10F 1.8 to 4.5
15F 4.5 to 6.8
22F 7 to 10
30E 9 to 14
40E 13 to 18
50E 18 to 23
60E 23 to 30
Jib crane
Signode India's JN-15 jib crane (4.6 m) is used to suspend pneumatic combination tools overhead. It handles steel strapping in widths up to 31.8 mm.
A. Post mounting bracket
B. Enclosed trolley track
C. Tool carrier assembly
D. Strap guide rollers
E. Air line components