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Sliding Panel can be filled with any html content. The Boostrap Grid can be used to create the necesary columns and rows. It supports any element provided in this theme starting from typography elements, videos and images gallery and go all the way to complex elements.

We hope you enjoy it.

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An unique indexing mechanism ensuring that the message is printed at the exact location on the carton as desired which can be adjusted at 7 mm intervals.
  • Printing width ranges from 25 mm to 50 mm with 2 or 4 lines of 10 mm size
  • An anti-repeat mechanism to avoid repetition of message on long cartons
  • Adjustable spring loaded inking mechanism for clear messages
  • Inker assembly enclosed in metal casing to prevent spillage
  • Grooved rubber stereos for quick and easy cleaning of messages thus saving time
  • Option of left side and right side coders according to requirement
  • Download Literature