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Sliding Panel can be filled with any html content. The Boostrap Grid can be used to create the necesary columns and rows. It supports any element provided in this theme starting from typography elements, videos and images gallery and go all the way to complex elements.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Indiastar and Pacmachine 2014-15 award winners

We won total 4 INDIASTAR (2014-15) and PACMACHINE awards

  • Edge protection for Sheet Pack – Pacmachine award – Santosh Tandon
  • Modified Atmosphere Pack - MAP - Dry Fish – Dr.Ampady – Chairman – KSCADC with Signode Team
  • E-Retail Packaging for Appliances - Sandipto and Sudarshan Kolhatkar
  • Packaging for SKD Truck Parts for Exports -
  • Eco Friendly Packaging in Graphite Segment – Rakesh Ranjan