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SIGNODE, INDIA cares about the safety, health and wellness of all employees in its facilities.
2 Years of Accident Free Days in Rudraram
  • Sensational achievement in the history of Rudraram.
  • Very Exhilarated in sharing Grand Success of achieving 2 safe Years with zero Accident.
  • In spite of Multifarious Hazards and High Risk Operations in Rudraram, we could able to achieve this Triumph with all support.
  • Great applauds all of you for being a part of this stupendous achievement.
Rudraram Silvassa
Safety Objectives and Policy
  • Achieving zero reportable accidents
  • Inculcating safety culture
  • We believe that safety of our employees is the most important element in our success and all employees are responsible for identifying & reducing the risks
  • Safety is integral part of everyday culture
  • While prioritizing our business needs, utmost priority is given for the safety of people, and no exception is allowed on safety matters
In addition to maintaining a high level of occupational safety and health compliance, a number of SIGNODE, INDIA businesses are currently working on four safety objectives that go well beyond what is required by OSHA but that will have a lasting positive impact on workplace safety:
  • Employee involvement in the safety and health program, including safety committees, safe behaviour observation programs and extensive safety training;
  • Near-miss reporting to ensure that the organization identifies incidents and hazards and addresses them early – before they cause injuries;
  • Job safety analysis (JSA) process, which enables SIGNODE,INDIA to systematically analyze and improve any portion of a job that poses an undue risk; and
  • Communication between management and employees to ensure that responsibilities are clear and any issues are addressed and resolved in a safe manner