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Your imagination is unlimited together we can open up new areas of creativity. True to your creative ideas we can offer you numerous technical solutions totally in line with your style.

Whether you have a highly technical application or you have a simple question, Wintek will push all boundaries to provide the answers. Contact us to find out how we can be your ally in your Packaging Requirements.

We at Wintek strive hard to bring your imagination and creativity on paper. We help you through the process by offering our solutions to bring out a distinct identity to your brands in line with your expectations.

Our state-of-the-art prepress, press, printing machines and adherence to strict quality control measures makes us the top Indian self-adhesive label manufacturer in the industry.

Elegant, Smart and modern sums up our motto of creating labels as visualized by you. We will make sure that your labels ensure eyeballs, which will translate to higher sales.

We have been providing high quality, cost-effective and customized solutions for all kinds of labeling needs in the form of :

Whilst we are always keen to become involved with new areas of the industry, Wintek specializes in the following areas of label and carton printing:
Industry Segments: Automotive, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Liquor and Pharmaceutical Labels etc...

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