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Signode India offers innovative value added packaging solutions to the Timber (aka Lumber) Industry and the product range includes strapping for unitization and wrapping for product protection.

While steel strapping has been utilized for Timber load securement for nearly a hundred years, recent technological advancements have paved the way for strapping with high-strength polyester strapping. Polyester strapping provides several clear advantages over steel strapping in many Timber/Panel applications.

Before converting steel strapping operations to plastic, however, it's important to have a Signode India Timber Industry Specialist evaluate your application needs. With our team of industry specialists we design your complete pack. These solutions lead to greater productivity, optimization of safety, and cost reduction.

Signode India designs manufactures and supplies strapping tools, semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines to apply packaging materials. A highly focused parts and service group provides customized service helping to lower your total cost of ownership.

To learn more about Signode plastic strapping and wrapping systems for Timber, please make your selection from the solutions listed.

Lumber or Wood packing Industry Solutions

Signode has a range of products suitable for the fast-changing world of the lumber and wood industries. The extensive range of equipment, both semi-automatic and fully automatic, can be equipped with suitable options to solve most customers’ lumber strapping & wrapping challenges for efficient, high speed operations.

Signode India's AK-II is designed to run on both Tenax polyester strap and also on Apex steel strapping if required. The units can be equipped with many options to suit the exact needs of the customer’s plants and products to be packaged

The machine is equipped with electrical strapping head, Z-20 for Tenax polyester strapping. Z-20 is an innovative modular strapping system consisting of separate sealing and tensioning modules

A significant improvement over manual lumber and panel wrapping, the AutoWraptor™ automatically wraps loads with a tight plastic film to maximize package protection and production efficiency.

Capable of wrapping any length lumber and panel packages from five to 24 feet, the AutoWraptor™ will also automatically handle varying package widths and heights, including half packs. Most lumber and panel loads can be wrapped in less than one minute.

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Pneumatic and battery powered hand tools take most of the effort out of tensioning and sealing by performing those operations at the push of a button or lever. Powered hand tools are typically used to reduce operator fatigue, improve strapping efficiency and provide uniform tensioning

The VT-16/19/25HD and VT-32HD pneumatic seal less Tension-Weld® combination tools are ideal for unitizing loads that require high tension (over 800 lbs.). The tools are easy to operate in either the vertical or horizontal position and weigh less than 10.5 lbs.

BXT-2 battery hand tool in use in the shipping area of a large plant, the tool is mobile, light-weight well balanced, ergonomic and easy to use. The BXT2-16 combination tool applies polyester or polypropylene strapping, utilizing friction weld joint technology to join the strap ends. The battery-operated BXT2-16 has a simple two-button process and ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue.

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