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Indiastar and Pacmachine 2017 award winners

SIGNODE INDIA has yet again swept two India Star Awards 2017 for Sustainable Packaging Solutions in Commercial Air Conditioner Units and Wooden Pallet Replacement with Slip Sheets for an application in Pharma Industry. India Star Award, organized by Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is held every year to encourage improvements and recognize new and innovative concepts in packaging and is the most popular and premier event for India’s packaging fraternity. Having already won 4 India Star Awards in the past, SIGNODE is maintaining its leadership position in innovation for unmatched quality of packaging products.

SIGNODE wins 6 Awards at PACMACHINE 2017!! PACMACHINE are National Awards which are of great esteem in India given for Excellence in Packaging. Signode succeeded in bagging 6 awards for the titles of New Generation Integrated Handling System, Auto Debander for Strap Cutting, Laminated Roll Integrated Packaging and Handling System, Automatic Strapping with Seal Pad & Label Applicator, Automatic Cross Strapping with Angle Board & Batten Feeding and New Age Slit Coil Packaging System. This encapsulates our awards to a total of 8 from IndiaPack Awards 2017 and we are looking forward for more.